Who we are

China Marketing Solutions/Planet X are a group of like-minded marketing veterans who have served some of the most influential organisations domestically and internationally. All of us have changed some parts of the world for better – but we want to do more. We want the best of you to be recognised by the best quality customers.

Why we are here

We firmly believe the foundations of Australian economy is exportation. Australia, in comparison to many countries may have a small population but secures an advanced production system and natural endowment resulting in producers and manufacturers capable to produce for the world. China Marketing Solutions’ job is to market your products, technologies and services in a way which adds exceptional value, a premium than benchmark prices.

What do we do with your products

China Marketing Solutions specialises in international marketing, particularly within the Chinese market. We have done the arduous job designing the products, branding, pricing and contracting. Essentially, we test the market for your products and create a product strategy, analyse the marketing channels and also form a distribution strategy. We have an extremely informed view on prices, whether it is regional or metropolitan, and associated with a particular channel or at different seasons.