Add value to our suppliers

The division of labor is important that we thrive as organisations or communities or societies. As the part between customers and suppliers, our job or assigned labor is to bridge their gap. So the suppliers can focus on produce and the customers focus on consumers. Let’s face it, very rare that one organisation can succeed in all parts of the value chain.

Our value in details for example:

  • To communicate with the customers that why they need to choose our suppliers
  • Most of the times, why the customers need to pay premium for the different products from our suppliers
  • Manage customer specific requests such as size, delivery time, varieties or other specifications and requirements
  • Bridge the gap of financial arrangements

Representing our suppliers for their brands is important. Branding means repeated sales and premium prices through achieving customer satisfaction.

We believe marketing drives sales. Sales is temporary and marketing is future focus. We often help our suppliers to develop strategies:

Product strategy

Logsitic strategy

Price strategy

Marketing strategy

Financial strategy

We will blog these strategies from time to time.

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