To be the best customer management

Why do you want to manage customers?

A leader in an industry always keeps the best customers to themselves and push the less quality or trouble making customers to competitors. In that way the leading business can experience and enjoy the process of growth together with customers. That often means faster and better quality of payment, less time spent on price and contract negotiation, better acceptance of shipment schedules and  the combination of products in one shipment. Above all, with the best customer management, you sleep well at night and have the peace of mind to go for a holiday.

What customers are of best quality?

Generally, best quality customers share similarities that

  • They pay you in advance
  • They accept prices you nominate without bargaining too much
  • They are loyal to your products and cannot have enough of them
  • They are patient and understanding whenever you have a problem whether producing them or delivering them
  • They tell you what they want and ask for your advice that relates to aspects of lives

What customers you want your competitors to have and you not have

  • Whomever delay the payment, you have to chase them which affect your ability to pay everybody else
  • Whomever purchase but only want the lowest price for the best product at the time of purchase and threatens to switch
  • Whomever cherry picking products and delivery schedule
  • Whomever complain to you bitterly about how you have made their life difficult
  • Whomever distrust your advice and whatever you say they think you are setting them up


To be continued…