Principals and Philosophy

Marketing is different from trading. Marketing focuses on value-based activities that would procure long term mutual benefits. Trading is solely a transaction-based activity which is influenced by short term factors such as temporary price volatility. And as Australians we are bad traders!

We fundamentally believe is that in our equation, our job is simple: to connect value-based producers with value-based consumers or customers. Often only like-minded people can have long enduring relationships as customer selection and producer selection are vital but genuine relationships are difficult to acquire.

The principals we choose the people we work with is

  1. Trust and
  2. Loyalty

These two principals might be old fashioned but we have seen so many cases where commercial arrangement by documents which are drafted so carefully, do not work in cross-border trade. We believe only trust, friendship and the feeling of personal quality last.

In the Chinese market context, we are sorry to say that even though with much improvement, there are still conducts seeking unfair commercial advantages. These efforts are extremely costly and wear out our souls. However, within our distribution network, this does not exist.